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Repairing Your Probe

Why Repair?

  • Cost Effective

  • Quick Turn Around Time

  • Better for Environment

  • American Owned and Operated

How to Get your Probe Repaired

  1. Ship your probe along with your purchase order and contact information. Address to Send : 417 Buckhorn Blvd, Chipley, FL 32428

  2. We will take care of rest!

How Much Will it Cost?

  • All probe repair is $45-$55

  • $15.00 Flat Rate Shipping

  • One Year Warranty Included

What Is The Procedure for Repairing My Probe?

  • Complete Sanitation of Each Probe

  • Evaluation and Trouble Shooting

  • Parts and Cables Replacement

  • Finally Testing for Use and Wear

Repairing Your Probe: Text
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